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Investing in Real Estate is the best way to build wealth for your future and freedom. You can generate dependable passive income without the disadvantages of owning your own properties. 3 Phase Homes has created a Fund the Flip Strategy on new construction where you can earn up to 30% return on your investment.


New construction homes can be a great investment–especially for Investors looking to avoid the ongoing maintenance and repairs that inherently come with investing in properties. New construction loans differ from rehab loans. Construction loans needs to accommodate the supplies, labor, inspections, etc. to construct the property — as well as the completed project. 3 Phase Homes works with experience, professional developers on a ground up construction flip receiving up to 30% return on your investment.

  • You don’t have to wait until the build is completed to get paid like in traditional real estate construction

  • You are paid when your phase is completed.

  • Qualifying investments are secured via lien on property


  1. Choose which phase of the new home construction you would like to invest in. Phase 1, 2 or 3.
    Phase 1 is completed when 1/3 of the construction is completed.

  2. Sign an agreement and pay the amount you would like to invest.
    Phase 2 is completed when 2/3 of the construction is completed.

  3. Receive up to 30% of your funds invested.
    Phase 3 is completed when certificate of occupancy is granted by the county.
    Phase 3 investor will be paid when home is sold.

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